• Building-Sample-(Strucutral)-1
  • Building-Sample-(Strucutral)-2
  • Building-Sample-(Strucutral)-3
  • Building-Sample-(Strucutral)-4
  • Building-Sample-(Strucutral)-5
  • Building-Sample-(Strucutral)-6
  • Building-Sample-(Strucutral)-7
  • Building-Sample-(Strucutral)-8
  • Building-Sample-(Strucutral)-9
  • Building-Sample-(Strucutral)-10
  • Building-Sample-(Strucutral)-11
  • Building-Sample-Strucutral-5-640x494

The above is a sample set of structural drawings drafted in Revit Structure.

The architectural drawings were imported into Revit Structure, and a set of structural drawings were created over the architectural drawings. The structural drawings were then exported to Bentley’s RAM Steel, and checked with hand calculations. Drawings were checked and approved, as required.

Many aspects of this require approval by a professional engineer either working in the client company or hired by the client company. For more information on this, please use the contact us page.