servicesThumbOur primary services are to provide creative, innovative, and optimized solutions to clients for problems related to design, engineering, estimation, construction, and inspection.

Our secondary services are to provide drafted drawings and designs, product/service research, product/service testing, product/service analysis, material quantity and costing estimates, on site guidance for construction projects, surveys and inspections, and formal reports. All secondary services can be custom tailored specifically to meet each clients needs.

We strive to assist all our clients with providing services from knowledgeable and qualified professionals. If we are unable to provide a specific service, we will find a suitable candidate for a referral.

Please note that some of our services require the final approval or review to be completed by a professional engineer licensed in the province or territory the work is being completed in. For more information regarding this, as us on the contact us page.

Do you need a professional drawing, sketch, or design?

From rough hand sketches to AutoCAD/Revit/Visio/CAD drawings and full drawing packages to be approved, we can cater to your specific needs and schedule.

Do you have a complex design which you’d like to simplify and make easy to replicate and optimize design time? Does your design require a lot of checking for quality control and assurance? Do you want to simplify calculations, material quantities, equipment management, project costing, task management, and scheduling?

We can optimize your current excel sheet, and/or create a new one for you.

Do you need or want a knowledgeable third party inspector on your job site? Do you need someone to verify material quantities without an incentive to over/under estimate? Do you provide a unique product or service which you need a third party individual with specific training available who can be deployed quickly or answer difficult questions in a timely manner?

We can provide inspections, surveys, and guidance on typical civil construction projects. We are continually obtaining additional training and expanding our knowledge base to new areas, so we can work with new clients.

Does your product or service require a first, second, or third opinion from a knowledgeable person outside of the company? Does your product or service require additional research, testing, and/or analysis?

Are you unsure what software or design & implementation methods to use?

We can provide opinions, reports, or other support to assist in your product development stages.